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Welcome to MCUI-UC Marshals Association's Website.

The Marshals Association is an integral part of the Ulster Centre of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland which is the Governing Body of the Sport. Their aim is the continual improvement of the marshalling standards at events. The Association are always looking for new members, we can never have too many people helping us out at events but you can have too few, if there are not enough marshals then races can be cancelled and we don't want that now do we!!

Marshals can and do save lives so the more there are the safer an event can be.  If you think you might like to give marshalling a try, and would like to become a member of the Marshals Association, please come along to one of our monthly meetings or come and help us out at any of the events.  It's a good day out, we do a vital job but we can still have fun too.

Everyone is welcome, as long as you are aged 18 or over.  So if you are willing and able, come join the fun!!!

We don’t just marshal ... we also have other events during the year.

  • A Night at the Races
  • Talk Shows
  • Quiz Night
  • Help out at the annual Motorbike Show - Belfast
  • We have a MCUI-UC Marshals stand at events & races


Monthly meetings

Meetings are held at two locations:

Chimney Corner Hotel, Newtownabbey - The last Thursday of each month @ 8pm
Royal British Legion, Ballymoney - 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 8pm

Everyone Welcome


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